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Managing Conflict

Conflict cannot be avoided but teachers can learn to handle volatile situations while maintaining a positive leadership of the group.


A practical guide to becoming a more charismatic teacher.

Surviving in the Classroom 28K

Maintaining attention in class using non verbal strategies.

Emotional Literacy 96K

Identifying, understanding and expressing emotions in a healthy way.

Videogames for learning : Oscar Lake 435K

Uses of this ELT- focused game for beginners.

Uptime, the ideal teaching state 43K

How to get into the ideal state of mind for teaching.

Classroom Management 61K

How to manage students by skilful communication.

101 Activities

Ice breakers, Warmers, Games and Fillers.

Learning Maps 1 64K

Using Mind Mapping to enhance learning

Learning Maps 2 111K

Concept and Body Mapping in the classroom

Mindmapping 407K

Examples to use in class

Making Sense 711K

Using rich sensory input to learn English

Learn to Learn through Nlp 66K

Nlp tips for the 4 Skills and Classroom Management

Getting into 'Flow' 18K 35K

Helping students to peak performance

Maintaining 'Flow' 20K 32K

Keeping students at their peak

Brain Gym 1 59K 66k

An introduction to Educational Kinesiology

Brain Gym 2 33K 58K

Examples to use in class

Education and Beliefs 26K 32K

How teachers' beliefs affect students' learning

Visualisation : a decisive skill 17K 33K

How to enhance students' learning through visualisation

Internet in class 15K

A project using Internet to learn English

Hands.on 17K 24K

Reading & Writing (using computers)

Handwriting and Learning 60K 91K

Hand-eye co-ordination and Handwriting

Reading and Writing Magic 26K

Nlp & classroom Reading and Writing

Modelling 173K

How excellent ESL readers read.

Teaching to Learn 48K

Memory and Reading strategies to enable learning.

Self-access learning vs.classroom learning 36K

Which learning situation is more efficient?

Mapas Mentales y su software 839K

Repaso de los programas para construir mapas.

Autoaprendizaje 26K

Como funciona el autoaprendizaje en clase.

Aprender Internet - Aprender Inglés 65K

Como he utilizado Internet para enseñar inglés.

Herramientas   12K.htm

La Pnl y la Información.

Disciplina   117K.htm

CComo conseguir aplicar  una disciplina educative en clase

Realidad Virtual para aprender Inglés 871K

Una expriencia compartida entre História e Inglès usando un videojoc.


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