The goal of this course is to present a practical model as a guide to becoming a more charismatic teacher, that is, one who can influence through relationships. You will learn how to recognise charisma in others and in yourself and how you can adapt that knowledge to improve your own teaching abilities. The concepts and activities presented are based on acquiring non-verbal skills which will enable you to affect the heart of classroom learning: the teacher-student relationship.

    Using this model will empower you to create a positive learning atmosphere in your classes, and the results you can expect are: more well-behaved groups, better academic performance by pupils and less teacher stress. The course is arranged in weekly activities of 2 hours.




    Week 1: Focusing

    • Non-verbal influence: the basic tool to manage your classes explained.
    • Presentation of the Model which you will learn to apply in your class management.
    • Technique: how to focus attention at the beginning of a class.

    Week 2 : Refinements

    • How you and your pupils learn to learn.
    • Retain pupil attention using 8 practical strategies.
    • Learn how to calibrate the different learning styles of your pupils.

    Week 3: Eye-catching

    • How to present content clearly to ensure class attention and comprehension.
    • Visual techniques to boost learning.
    • Using facial looks to manage class groups and read pupil feedback.

    Week 4: Ear-catching

    • The Pilot and Cabin crew model is a practical demonstration of how to use voice tone to manage a group.
    • Music: learn how counting the beat can help you influence group moods.
    • Positive language as a resource for managing individual and class behaviour.

    Week 5: Body language

    • Using your hands, head movements and location to manage.
    • Cardinal indications: leading by pointing.
    • Breathtaking: calibrating breathing.

    Week 6: The Charismatic Teacher

    • Cat & Dog : the domestic pet model for behaviour.
    • How to managing individuals in a group.
    • What you need to change to become charismatic.